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Hey TCS … Game On!

  • "We look to the lifelong values gained from sports such as dedication, sportsmanship and teamwork. These are huge assets for our students and their future success." – Stuart Grainger, Headmaster

  • “The impact of this expansion will be profound. It allows us to bring our athletic programme to the forefront of all independent schools in Canada.” – Tim White, Director of Athletics

  • Top schools have top facilities and the expansion will ensure that TCS has the facilities to offer a top tier experience to our students.” - Ben Chapdelane '97

  • "Sports at TCS is not just about getting in shape or a mandatory thing, it’s something that contributes strongly to the TCS experience.”  – Jessica Eruchalu, head prefect

  • “This is an important step in making sure the athletic excellence which I experienced, and will bring to McMaster football, is carried on for the next 150 years." - Griffin Harding, Grade 12

  • “TCS prepared me for playing division 1 hockey, and I invite all alumni to ensure future generations have the same opportunities that we did.” – Stef Thomson '10